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MOIN Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein supports cinema films and exceptional TV productions of all genres. It provides financial support for all phases of film projects, from the first script drafts through production to sales, distribution and festival presentations.

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OMNI Inclusion platform kicks off

Partnership with Australian diversity project
How diverse is the German screen industry? The data on this has been patchy so far and is mainly based on field reports and individual studies. Now MOIN Film Fund is partnering with Australia's "The Everyone Project" to find out. Their new platform "OMNI Inclusion" is to be launched throughout Germany in 2023 with the support of industry stakeholders ... more

Shoot your heart out in the north

Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein in the Spotlight
The regions Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein have always been popular film shoot locations in Germany. Our film commission wants to share the diversity of the North and inspire all the creative folks with film ideas, so it created short video clips of locations in Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein—from unique classics to iconic corners and hidden treasures. ... more

Film Commission

As a partner for film teams from all over the world, the Film Commission is the first point of contact for questions about filming locations, permissions and production infrastructure in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein

Furthermore, we ensure environmentally conscious filming and report what film teams are currently on the move in the region in our Production Guide.