Greener, brighter, more money and more formatsNew guidelines

The film market has changed significantly in recent years, so it is only logical that we in film funding continue to develop. This year, we will change a lot and present our developments at two events in Hamburg (12.02.2020) and Kiel (13.02.2020). Those who would like a rough overview until that point are in the right place!


The time is right

  • The Green Film Pass will be obligatory in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein in the future. All productions will therefore contribute to organizing more ecological production processes and lowering the CO2 footprint.
  • We will be paying more attention to diversity when evaluating funding projects in the future, both in front of and behind the camera. To help us with this, from April we will be introducing a diversity checklist as an application requirement.


Series funding

  • From April, it will be possible to apply for series funding. We will primarily focus on developing high-end series that are firmly rooted in our funding region.
  • In 2020, we will have an additional 2 million euros of funds available.


Funding innovative formats

  • From VR experiences to web series and 360-degree films, in the future we will be funding innovative formats.
  • We have created a new committee specifically for this new funding area, composed of proven experts in innovative audiovisual formats.


New committee allocation

Gremium 1

  • Films and series with production costs above 3.5m euros
  • Cinema documentary films with production costs above 1.5m euros


Gremium 2

  • Films and series with production costs under 3.5m euros
  • Cinema documentary films with production costs under 1.5m euros


Gremium 3

  • Funding innovative audiovisual contents will in the future be applied for through Filmwerkstatt Kiel in Gremium 3".
  • Applications for funding short films from Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein will immediately be dealt with in Kiel.


Gremium 4

  • An additional one million will soon be provided by Hamburg-based Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH for script and production funding through "Gremium 4".
  • Funding will be provided for projects with a special contextual and cultural significance for the region
  • At least 25 per cent of the total will be awarded to youth projects to support talent development in the area.


Kiel becomes a location for innovation

  • Applications for short films and innovative audiovisual formats from Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein will in the future be taken care of by Filmwerkstatt in Kiel.
  • In terms of development, the north German state capital will also focus on workshops, panels and presentations.
  • The entire application and handling process for feature-length films will in the future take place in Hamburg.


Submit applications – faster and more often

  • In the future, it will be possible to apply up to 16 times per year – each of our four committees has for submission dates.
  • If you want to know the dates, subscribe to our newsletter, or take a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages regularly.
  • Condensed applications can make the process faster.


Development and production


  • From 2020, we will set aside 10 per cent of our budget for "development" and expand the range of eligible costs.
  • 10 % of our budget will be reserved for releasing the films we fund.