We are looking for your innovative projectsUp to 50,000 euros in funding

Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein supports innovative, narrative projects from 360-degree videos to immersive XR experiences with grants of up to 50,000 euros per funding measure. Are you from our region or do you want to realise your project here? Maybe we will get to know each other very soon.

What do we offer?

We support different areas in the life cycle of your project: development, production and in special cases also distribution. It is important that your project is not intended to be primarily released in cinemas or on linear TV.

The development funding is divided into the following three sub-areas:

- Idea funding: You have an exciting idea that still needs a little polishing? In the idea funding section, we can support your project with up to 10,000 euros. In addition to financial support, funding recipients receive dramaturgical support.

- Concept development: Your idea is ready and you want to work on a solid concept? We can provide up to 25,000 euros and a maximum of 80 percent of the total costs.

- Prototype funding: Of course, before you get down to the nitty-gritty, you need a prototype. We support this with up to 50,000 euros and a maximum of 80 percent of the total costs.

Once the development phase is complete, you can apply for production funding - the last step before your project sees the light of day and is made available to other people. Funding in this area should not exceed 50,000 euros and can be up to 50 percent of the total production costs.

Under the label Special Measures, we support special distribution highlights, such as festival presentation.

Who are our funding measures for?

Do you come from Hamburg or Schleswig-Holstein - or do you want to realise your narrative project in one or both of these federal states? Then the first foundation stone has been laid.

In addition, the following persons are eligible to apply:

  • Authors, developers or designers of innovative audiovisual media formats who can show at least one published project.
  • Applications for concept development can also be submitted by producers who are already working with authors, developers or designers at the time of application.
  • Applications for prototype and production funding can only be submitted by producers.

When, how and where to apply?

You can apply for the "idea funding" and "special measures" throughout the year. For all other types of funding, the following submission deadlines apply to our "Short + Innovative" committee:

Short + Innovative

  • 13.02.24
  • 23.04.24
  • 27.08.24
  • 05.11.24

You must arrange a consultation with our funding consultants Julia Gläsker or Arne Sommer at least two weeks before your submission deadline:

Julia Gläsker
short film, Specific Measures (shortfilm)

Who decides?

Our committee is made up of various experts in the field of innovative audiovisual media:

Short films and innovative audiovisual formats

Ralph Heinsohn
Designer, Producer and Curator of immersive media, Hamburg

Johanna Jannsen
Writer, Director, Flensburg

Nicola Jones
MOIN Film Fund, Site Manager, Kiel

Britta Schewe
gretegrote Internetproduktion UG, Founder/CEO, Hamburg

Ulrich Schrauth
VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival, Artistic Director, Hamburg

Friedrich Tiedtke
Writer, Director, Berlin

Insa Wiese
Start Into Media, Partnership/Projektmanagement, Munich


Cesy Leonard
Artist, Actress, Filmmaker, Berlin

Sophia Ayissi Nsegue
Writer and Producer, Hamburg

The CEO of the FFHSH decides on the application types Idea Funding and Special Measures.


Headerphoto: iStock/janiecbros