New residency programme for young producersCall for Applications

MOIN Film Fund, the Danish Film Institute together with the National Film School of Denmark, SODEC and the Netherland Film Fund are looking for next generation producers that want to level up their professionalism, global mindset and create a strong network through our 4 x 2 weeks "Port of Production" residency in Copenhagen, Montreal, Hamburg, and Amsterdam!

Are you a young producer and would you love a border-crossing opportunity to learn more about these global skills and standards from the outset of your career? Are you ready for professional growth and in-depth knowledge of the producing and creative landscapes of the other participating regions?

If so, we'd like you to apply for our 4 x 2 weeks "Port of Production" residency that takes place in Copenhagen, Montreal, Hamburg and Amsterdam where you will live and work together with 3 other residents for two weeks at a time, followed by an optional extra week at the festival that takes place around the residency (CPH-Dox, TIFF, Filmfest Hamburg and IFFR).

How it works

As a resident you will live for 2 weeks in each of the four cities, where you will attend mapping workshops, meet local producers, have meetings with creatives (e.g. cook dinners), watch classic, national movies at the regional Cinematheque and a shadowing at C-level. You also have the option to stay on and visit the local film festival.

As a participant you also serve as a local host (together with the partnering film funds) in your own region, where you will be in charge of facilitating the supporting program. This includes organizing network meetings and providing comprehensive insight into the regional/national film landscape.
Costs will be covered by the four organizations. Extra costs for childcare can be supported as well.

The first residency starts in March 2023 in Copenhagen, followed by an optional visit at CPH:Dox. The second residency will take place end of August, beginning of September 2023 in Montreal, followed by an optional visit to TIFF (in Toronto). The third residency will be in October 2023 in Hamburg, with an optional earlier arrival to take part in Filmfest Hamburg. The last residency will take place in January 2024 in Amsterdam, followed by an optional visit to IFFR in Rotterdam.

Who can apply

Emerging fiction producers who have had a theatrical release of at least 1 and max. 3 feature length films in their home country.

How to apply and what we need

Please hand in the following material:

  • CV and track record (max 1 page)
  • Screening link to reference film
  • Letter of motivation outlining your future strategy as producer and how you would benefit from the program. Should you currently work on a project that might specifically benefit from the residency program, please let us know about it.
  • Videopitch with a maximum of 5 minutes, focusing on your motivation, to participate in the program and the current project you are working on
You can apply until November 30, 2022, via Email to lewerenz@moin-filmfoerderung.de
For any questions contact:
Annka Lewerenz
040-398 37 235