OMNI Inclusion platform kicks offPartnership with Australian diversity project

How diverse is the German screen industry? The data on this has been patchy so far and is mainly based on field reports and individual studies. Now MOIN Film Fund is partnering with Australia's "The Everyone Project" to find out. Their new platform "OMNI Inclusion" is to be launched throughout Germany in 2023 with the support of industry stakeholders.

With the platform "OMNI Inclusion", a user-friendly and anonymised online measurement tool is being created, with which the diversity of the cinema and TV industry in Germany will be better understood in the future. An initial prototype has already been developed – in the coming months, an industry-wide advisory board is to be established to guide OMNI into the pilot phase. The first comprehensive OMNI Inclusion Report is expected to be published in 2024.

MOIN Film Fund is partnering with Australia's The Everyone Project in order to be able to learn from the experiences from Down Under. Behind The Everyone Project is the Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network, a group of Australia's most important broadcasters, film funding bodies and professional associations. The project surveys and analyses the diversity characteristics of cast and crew of Australian television and film productions on a voluntary basis.

In addition to production teams, the German platform OMNI Inclusion will also provide broadcasters and film funding bodies with a tool to monitor the diversity of their own organisations.

Helge Albers, CEO MOIN Film Fund: "OMNI Inclusion will make a decisive contribution to making the German film industry more diverse and thus fairer, more resilient and more sustainable. We are looking forward to launching a tool in dialogue with the German film industry that is user-friendly and designed to be inclusive, while attaching the highest importance to data protection and data security."

Adam Smith, Founder The Everyone Project: "We're excited to be contributing our expertise and technology to this innovative initiative from MOIN. Delivering diversity is not easy and good data is essential. I believe together we will deliver a German tool that is comprehensive, respectful and inclusive as well as quick and easy to use."

Filming more diversity
MOIN Film Fund contributes to making the German film industry more inclusive. Since June 2020, applicants have been required to complete a "Diversity Checklist". The checklists are intended to sensitise filmmakers to the issue of diversity and support the work of the funding bodies. Currently (as of January 2022), 49 per cent of the MOIN committee members identify as female and almost a quarter as a person of colour and/or with a migration background.